2019 Russia Holidays and Celebrations

2019 Russia Holidays Calendar and Celebrations

January-1 New Year’s Day
January-2 2nd New Year’s Day Holiday
January-7 Russian Orthodox Christmas
January-14 New Year (Orthodox)
January-16 Russian Winter Festival
January-25 St. Tatiana Day (beginning of Winter Holiday)
February-23 Defender of the Fatherland Day
March-8 International Women’s Day
April-12 Cosmonaut’s Day
May-1 Labor Day
May-2 2nd day of Labor
May-9 Victory Day
May-16 Red Hill holiday
June-6 Pushkin’s Birthday
June-12 Russia Day
June-21 White Nights Festival begins (to mid July)
August-14 Honey Spas
August-19 Apple Spas
August-19 Day of the Failed August, 1991 Coup
August-22 National Flag Day
August-29 Nut Spas
September-8 Siege of Leningrad Day
September-19 Moscow Day
November-4 Unity Day
November-7 Accord & Reconciliation Day
November-10 Militsiya (Police) Day
December-12 Constitution Day (or Russian Independence Day)
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